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(Video) Home Remedies: How To Get Rid Of Acne And Have Clear And Beautiful Skin At Home

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Every woman wants picture perfect, flawless skin. Clear and beautiful skin is one of the main elements of a person’s beauty. Healthy skin helps you feel beautiful as well. There are lots of skin and beauty care products that promise to give you clear and glowing skin. Instead of relying on these products, you can try some simple and easy home remedies to improve the health and appearance of your skin. In this video, Ela Gale will show you 10 home remedies to get rid of acne and have a clear and beautiful skin at home! 

If you are searching for the simple homemade remedies for your pimples, then your search ends here.

Acne is a common skin problem that affects people of all ages. Lack of sleep, too much stress, unhealthy eating habits and a hectic schedule or lifestyles can also cause acne. Acne can appear everywhere on your face, chest, back and scalp. There are many simple and easy natural ways to get rid of acne and have a clear and beautiful skin using common ingredients found in your pantry and refrigerator to prevent or minimize the problem.

Homemade remedies are excellent natural remedies for getting rid of acne’s and eliminating acne scars. These recipes include many different kinds of ingredients that will help nourish your skin and eliminate acne problems.

Check out this awesome video and Learn How To Get Rid Of Acne And Have Clear And Beautiful Skin At Home!admin-ajax

1. Cinnamon and Honey Spot Treatment

-You need Honey, Cinnamon and a container.


-Put a cinnamon into the container for about half a teaspoon and then about a tablespoon of honey. Next mix it and then you can now apply it to your acne for about 20 minutes then  just wash it off with clean water.

Put a cinnamon into the container for about half a teaspoon and then about a tablespoon of honey. Next mix it

2. Toothpaste Spot Treatment

-You just need a toothpaste and cotton buds.


-And then just simply apply it to your acne. And let it stay overnight.

And then just simply apply it to your acne.

3. Garlic & Nutmeg Spot Treatment

-You need a garlic and a half teaspoon of nutmeg. Next put a little bit of water, and mix. And then apply.


4. Tea Tree Oil Treatment

-You just need a tea tree oil and cotton. Then just apply to the affected area.

Tea Tree Oil Treatment

5. Aloe Face Mask

-You need an Aloe Vera Gel, and then apply it into your face like a mask and leave it until its dry.


6. Exercise release toxins

-Exercise such as running, jogging, rebounding, or doing yoga allows our bodies to sweat toxins. You can think of these activities as exercise detox. Exercise provides not only a satisfying emotional rush, but also a healthy cleansing rush to the body. During exercise, the heart pumps strongly and blood courses rapidly through the veins. At rest, the human heart pumps about 5 liters of blood per minute. Exercise increases this output many-fold, delivering more oxygen and blood to all cells in the body and improving waste removal.

7. Egg Yolk Face Mask

-You need egg. And all you need to do is Crack the egg, remove the yolk and whisk it gently. And then apply onto your face.


8. Cut dairy with hormones

-The reason that milk products cause acne is because milk contains hormones that “turn on” oil glands. The cows that give the milk are pregnant and milking most of their lives. These hormones are not injected into the cows – they are natural hormones that cows make during every “menstrual” cycle, but during pregnancy these hormones are produced continuously at high levels and so are found in all cows’ milk.

Cut dairy with hormones

9. Tone skin with Apple Cider Vinegar

-Many people who suffer with skin problems go to their kitchen pantry and use apple cider vinegar for skin toning. This inexpensive and effective liquid may make your skin look and feel better. Apple cider vinegar is one of those products that is considered a “cure-all”. Applied to the body externally or taken as a supplement internally, the treatment offers a variety of health benefits that range from the elimination of acne to increasing weight loss and treating arthritis.


10. Avoid touching your face

-Bacteria, viruses and allergens transfer from fingertips onto the skin. Also, repeatedly rubbing the skin can do some real damage


Technically these aren’t home remedies (because they are generally not found lying around in the home), but because we have found them to be so super effective at getting rid of acne, it would be remiss to not mention them here. And since they can be easily purchased online from the comfort of your own home, and applied at home, it could be easily argued they are close to home remedies…

11. Topical Niacinamide

Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, when applied to the skin, has been found to be better at treating acne than the leading prescription acne cream (Clindamycin). The New York School of Medicine university study that tested it says it needs to be 4% or greater in concentration. Other uni studies found it also gets rid of acne scars from old acne. One of the most highly regarded brands of 4% niacinamide cream is Acnessential, and you can get it online by clicking here.


12. Papaya Soap

Papaya soap contains papain enzyme which is a powerful exfoliant. Used daily it sloughs away dead skin cells and clears and cleans the pores, getting rid of blackheads and blemishes. The best one we have found is Professional Skin care Formula’s Papaya and Milk soap. You can read more about it and purchase it online by clicking here.


All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Ela Gale ♡  for sharing this awesome video!

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