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(Video) Hair Styling Tips: 3 Beauty And The Beast Inspired Hairstyles For Your Next Glam Event!

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Lets admit it, we all love Belle of the Beauty and the Beast and we are pretty sure that we’ve all dreamt of becoming a real-life princess like Belle who lives in a beautiful castle with a handsome prince charming, stunning dresses, lovely princess hairstyles and etc., (though we know it will probably never happen). However, if we can’t be an official princess, then why don’t we just make ourselves look and feel like one! So what are you waiting for, check out the video below and see the three hairstyles inspired by Belle of the Beauty and the Beast movie staring Emma Watson!

We love how Emma Watson’s hair in the film Beauty and the Beast imitates animated Belle’s hairstyle in the movie.All princess Belle’s lovers knows this! Remember how Belle had that one strand that always fell out of place?

Come on, let’s be real if we were going to be trapped in a castle during a time when hairspray and bobby pins were not yet on trend, then our hair shouldn’t be perfect right? Even though that’s probably the real tragedy. LOL

Surprisingly, Emma’s hair in the film is easy to recreate. All you need is a little bit of magic to create three effortless hair looks inspired by Belle being played by Emma.

These three hairstyles may be simple, but hey they will surely make a good statement. These hairstyle will make your hair look fabulous in no time! And the best part? They build off of each other making them all super simple to master as you go!

Take a minute and  see these 3 Beauty and the Beast inspired hairstyles for your next glam event!

1. Emma Watson-Inspired Half Updo


Step 1: Part the front two inches of your hair in the center and section off the two sides of hair, pulling the rest back. Add a texturizing/voluminizing spray, and use a small elastic to keep this bit of hair smooth and out of the way.

Step 2: With a big barrel curling iron, curl the front sections of your hair backward. This will help when it comes time to twist!

Step 3: Beginning with one side of your hair, gently twist the hair backward, grabbing more pieces as you move toward the back.

Step 4: Pin in place with a large clip on the back of your head, and use bobby pins to secure the twists on the side. Repeat on the opposite side of head.

Step 5: Combine the twisted sides into a mini elastic on the back of the scalp. Flip the ponytail part of the hair up and through the elastic before securing to give an extra pretty butterfly twist detail!

Step 6: Add a few undone curls to the rest of the hair to create more texture in the finished look.

2. “Village Belle” Style


Step 7: Continuing from the first style, gather the loose, bottom half of the hair in a low ponytail with an elastic.

Step 8: Spread the hair above the elastic into a hole, and pull the ponytail up and through to get a second butterfly twist.

Step 9: Fluff out the second twist, and add a bow to complete the princess-like look!

3) Bun Updo


Step 10: Wedge a headband of your choice into the already-created style so that the twists cover the sides of the band.

Step 11: Pull the elastic of the bottom ponytail slightly downward to loosen the butterfly twist.

Step 12: Pin a small bun-maker to the back of your head.

Step 13: Pull the pony tail around the bun-maker and secure loose ends around the bun with bobby pins.

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Thank you, and Hannah Marsh for sharing this awesome tips!

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