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(Video) Beauty Tips: 11 Easy Tips To SAVE MONEY on MAKEUP!

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We’ve all experienced the thrill of purchasing new makeup, but sometimes some beauty products are very expensive. If you’re looking to save more money, tips on makeup purchases might be the first step. Makeup is such a wallet drain, While it’s almost impossible to not waste a bit of money on makeup, there are some tips you can take to minimize your expenses and save money. In this video, Lauren Curtis will tell you 11 easy tips to SAVE MONEY on MAKEUP!

There are many reasons why women choose to use makeup and other beauty products in their daily routine. Sometimes it’s because it feels like that it’s what is expected by society or by your job.

Other times women decide to use makeup and beauty products to help them cover up  skin blemishes or to help lessen the appearance or wrinkles and aging. And some women might choose to wear makeup is to make them feel good about themselves and build their self-confidence.

No matter why women choose to wear makeup though, the fact remains that makeup and beauty products can be very expensive. If you need to tighten up your spending and saving efforts, You don’t need to give up makeup when tightening up your budget. You just need to practice smart shopping techniques.

Here you’ll see ways to help make your makeup and beauty routine at least a little bit cheaper.

Check out this awesome video and Learn these about 11 Easy Tips To SAVE MONEY on MAKEUP!admin-ajax

Tip 1 – Buy products that are very versatile.

*There is no need to buy separate products for your face when one products can usually do most of those jobs.

(See recommended products at the 0:30 – 1:20 of the video.)

Tip 2 – Just because that product is expensive doesn’t mean its necessary a high quality product.

*Buy affordable makeup products because it does the job just the way other expensive makeup products does.

(Know more about this at the 1:20 – 2:48 of the video)

Tip 3 – Check how many grams are there in your makeup products.

*Check and compare the product on other products and see how many grams are in each products that way you will not get fool by the packaging.

(Know more about this & See recommended products at the 2:48 – 4:39 of the video)

Tip 4 – Try before you buy.

*Go to a makeup shop and ask for a makeup sample or ask them to do a demo to see if it is the right shade for you or not. In addition before you say you love the product and buy it, its best to go outside and see how your makeup looks in all of this different lighting. Also see if it has bad reaction on your skin or if it gets to shiny or too oily or it breaks up and look cakey, whatever the case is its best to give yourself sometime to actually see how it works with your skin.

(Know more about this at the 4:39 – 6:20 of the video)

Tip 5 – Do your research.

* Go in with a very clear idea of what you want or write it down on a list so that you already know what kind of product to buy that works best for you.

(Know more about this at the 6:20 – 7:36 of the video)

Tip 6 – Be aware of what your applying your foundation with.

*Applying foundation with a brush is way better than applying it with a sponge because sponges absorbs a lot of foundation.

(Know more about this at the 7:36 – 8:19 of the video)

Tip 7 – Some makeup company allow you to give your empty container in to receive a free products.

*To get more information do a research about it.

(Know more about this at the 8:20 – 8:36 of the video)

Tip 8 – For your brushes you dont need to go out and buy very expensive dedicated brush cleaner, when there is a realy cheap and affordable one works just the same.

*There are few website where you can actually buy online that give free sample, that’s a great way to buy a product that you need a and try new products so you can see if you like it or not without having to actually commit to buying it.

(Know more about this at the 8:36 – 9:49 of the video)

Tip 9 – If you smash an eye shadow or blush or bronzer all you have to do is, get rubbing alcohol and pour a few drops into that little pan and smooch it up and let it dry.

*If you like to know more about it you can search online

(Know more about this at the 9:50 – 10:17 of the video)

Tip 10 – If there is a color that you absolutely like that you cant afford right now, and you want to try before you commit to buying it. Google the dupe of that particular colors.

*There are so many dupe out there so before you commit to buying the exact shade that you like, see how it actually works for your skin first and see if you really like the color.

(Know more about this at the 10:17 – 11:00 of the video)

Tip 11 – Don’t buy a makeup when you actually don’t need it.

*If you actually don’t need a new one, there is no point of buying one unless it is very affordable. Buying makeup for the sake of buying makeup is a dangerous game because you can be actually having tons of makeup that you cant use.

(Know more about this at the 11:00 – 11:47 of the video)

All pictures courtesy of Screen captures from the Youtube Video

Thank you, Lauren Curtis  for sharing this awesome video!

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