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3 Easy Tips For Looking After Your Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic Nails require care to keep nails healthy

Acrylic nails were first invented in the 1970’s, and have been a fashion trend since then. Maybe because Acrylic nails last for weeks instead of days and break less easily than natural nails.

Acrylic nails are also inexpensive, even at most salons and the ability to shape and design acrylics make them attract more customers. Wearing Acrylic Nails requires an understanding. To have beautiful nails, you must visit your nail artist regularly and you must use greater care to protect your nails than you did before. 

If you want a quick fix for your nail, getting yourself a set of artificial acrylic nails is the next best thing to natural nails. But, improper care of fake nails could cause harm to your natural nails.

More and more women are choosing artificial nails, as they offer the option of having  pretty looking nails without much effort at an affordable cost.

Take a minute and Find out how to take care of your Acrylic NailsUntitled-3


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Follow these tips to ensure that your acrylics and your natural nails remain in top condition.

Wash regularly

Wash your nails regularly with antibacterial soap to reduce your risk of infection. It is also wise to soak a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and run it under your nails each night before bed to remove debris and kill bacteria. Not only do bacteria cause skin infections, they can actually damage and discolor acrylic nails over time.

Maintain your skin

Keeping the skin around your nails happy and healthy is just as important as attending to the nails themselves. Moisturize your hands daily and watch for dryness, redness, and peeling of the skin around your acrylics. These can all be indicative of an infection, which will require you to remove your acrylics until the bacteria is eradicated.

Attend to damage immediately

The faster you attend to chips and cracks, the easier they are to repair. Ignoring damage allows it to spread and makes the nail prone to even more extensive injury after a second insult. Not only will quick attention to damage protect your nails, but small problems will be cheaper to repair than if you wait until things get worse.


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