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Skin Care Tips: Save Your Skin Now – Five Bad Beauty Habits To Break!

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When it comes to bad beauty habits, the experts have seen it all. As they say there are beauty rules to follow and beauty rules to break. And we couldn’t agree more! It may be an aspect of a beauty routine that has fallen to the wrong side or something most of us don’t even realize is a mistake! And so to help, we’ve decided to quizzed some of the expert’s advice about why these bad beauty habits need to stop. Like, RIGHT NOW! Scroll down and check out the five bad beauty habits to break!

We are all guilty of practicing or unintentionally doing bad habits… especially bad beauty habits.  AGREE?

Yes let’s admit it! We have all somehow at some point in our lives skipped washing our face at night, used the same tube of mascara for over a year, or popped a pimple that left a mark on our face for about a week.

And though we know we shouldn’t be doing these things….but really, how bad can they be? Okay come on, we all have our lazy moments and that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean we should let these bad beauty habits continue!

In the long run, they’ll do more damage than good, certainly not worth saving a little time right now. Find yourself relating to these bad beauty habits? Better break the habit soon, while the damage can still be repaired.

Take a minute and save your skin now with these five bad beauty habits to break!

Bad Habit #1: Using Dirty Brushes

Not only does always having a clean brush help to distribute product more evenly and ensure a more flawless finish, it also helps to keep skin healthy and free of bacteria. If you start to notice that you’re breaking out (especially in the cheek area), it may be time to clean your brushes..

Bad Habit #2: Not Removing Makeup Before Going to Bed

Sometimes it can be tempting to hit the hay before removing the day’s makeup, but this is one beauty mistake you should never fall victim to. When you sleep with makeup on, it rubs onto your pillow and the pillow presses it deeper into your skin, which can cause a breakout..

Bad Habit #3: Not Properly Removing Eye Makeup

So what if there are remnants of kohl around your lids, at least most of your makeup has been removed, right? Wrong. Eye makeup can be one of the main culprits of styes, which can take months to get rid of..

Bad Habit #4: Over-Exfoliating

There’s no question that using exfoliants, such as scrubs that contain sugar or ground nut shells to slough off dead surface layers, can indeed reveal softer, healthier-looking skin. But too much scrubbing can leave your face red and even create little whiteheads deep under the skin that won’t go away..

Bad Habit #5: Forgetting Sunscreen

Make no mistake: there’s no other beauty habit quite as essential to good health than the wearing of sunscreen. Without application of a sunscreen with a good SPF, skin may be vulnerable to sunspots, wrinkles, and even more serious, skin cancer.


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