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Nail Designs: 6 Holiday Nail Art Ideas You’ll Surely Want to Experiment With Now!

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♫Tis the season to be polished, tralalalala lalalala♫… Oh Holidays is here! Surely you have never pass up an opportunity to do a lovely nail art every holidays, so don’t let this season be any different! Here are the 6 holiday nail art ideas that will 100 percent get you in the holiday mood! These nail art ideas will surely get you in the holiday spirit! Scroll down and check them out!

Holiday is the best time of year to enjoy the countless ways to show off your personal style and creativity.

Not only are your choices in clothes, hairstyle and makeup look, but your nails can become a lovely highlight for the season too!

To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed 6 nail art ideas that will surely give you a cheerful season this year!  Keep reading to discover your next party-nail look!

Take a minute and see these 6 Holiday Nail Art Ideas you’ll surely want to experiment with now!admin-ajax


Half and Half

Can’t decide between a simple nail or a complicated design? Compromise with this split nail look. Start by taping off one half of your nail, and then paint in your basic color. Let dry and remove the tape, revealing a clean half to embellish to your heart’s content!

Design by @theillustratednail


Stained Glass

Add a statement nail or two in the form of a stained glass design, either hand-painted or with the help of a nail stencil. It’s a subtle way to add personal details, seen here in the form of dainty stars of David.

Design by @chinaglazeofficial


Festive Stripes

Choose your favorite holiday colors—here, Christmas-tree green and snowy white— and work them into this quick and easy stripe design.

Design by @reinasnails


Winter Wonderland

Like the abstract turkey nail design for Thanksgiving Day, this minimalist pattern is a seasonal take on the negative nail.

Design by @sohotrightnail


Half and Half and Half

For this fun and festive nondenominational mani, paint one hand in gold polish and the other in silver.

Design by @paintboxnails


Festive Plaid

For this design, paint your nails in your desired base-coat color. Choose two lacquers to crosshatch over to create a plaid design, and then finish with a topcoat.

Design by @zoyanailpolish


Read and see more of these Holiday Nail Art Ideas by visiting:

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