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Nail Care Tips: 15 Secret Nail Hacks The Pro’s Don’t Want Shared

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One of the best things about nail art, is that you can experiment with different looks and designs. With these pro secrets, you can create salon-worthy nail art at home!

Doing nail art has gone to a whole new level these days. Some people out there are just so good at it that for us mere mortals it can become somewhat intimidating!

When girls used to simply paint their nails with a plain nail polish…well those days are gone! The old trend is out of the market and there are huge numbers of new trends.

Brilliant ideas of artistic designs can be used to provide very interesting looks to the nails. You can also try out some of the best kinds of creative designs on your nails. With these genius nail art hacks you don’t have to go into a salon and drain your bank account. All these designs can be prepared by applying some common hacks in your home. There is no need to visit the beauty salon for this purpose.

Take a minute or two and Check Out These Genius Nail Art Hacks That Every Girls Need…Untitled-3

1.  Scotch Tape is Your Friend!
Scotch Tape is Your Friend

Image source & Detailed Instructions: Birchbox

2. Thin Stripy Nails

Thin Stripy Nails

Image source & Detailed Instructions: SimpleNailArtDesigns

3. Splattered Nails

Splattered Nails

Image source & Detailed Instructions: SheKnows

4. Shearing Scissors as a Tool

Shearing Scissors as a Tool 2

Image source & Detailed Instructions: ChloesNails and Byaranka

5. When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

Image source & Detailed Instructions: TheBeautyDepartment

6. Draw, don’t Paint

6. Draw, don’t Paint

Image source & Detailed Instructions: TheBeautyDepartment 

7. For the Less Obvious

For the Less Obvious

Image source & Detailed Instructions: TheBeautyDepartment

8. Snake Skin Nails

Snake Skin Nails

Image source & Detailed Instructions: ConfessionsAndCreations

9. Watercolor Art

Watercolor Art

Image source & Detailed Instructions: NailArt101

10. Makeup Sponge Ombre

Makeup Sponge Ombre

Image source & Detailed Instructions: ConfessionsAndCreations

11. Turquoise Stone 

Turquoise Stone

Image source & Detailed Instructions: TheBeautyDepartment

12. Half Moon Manicure

Half Moon Manicure

Image source & Detailed Instructions:  TheBeautyDepartment

13. Velvet Luxury

Velvet Luxury

Image source & Detailed Instructions:

14. DIY Matte – Eye Shadow

14. DIY Matte – Eye Shadow

Image source & Detailed Instructions: Makeup

15. My Feathered Friend

My Feathered Friend

Image source & Detailed Instructions: ChloesNails

See 25 more Genius Nail Art Hacks That Every Girls Needs by visiting: diyncrafts

All pictures courtesy of  diyncrafts

Thank you  &  for sharing these Genius Nail Art Hacks!


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