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Nail Care Tips: 10 Simple Nail Hacks That Can Change Your Nail Game & Make Your Manicure Last

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Did you know that there are so many simple and easy nail hacks that can help make you change your nail game? Getting that perfectly painted and beautiful nails isn’t easy for everyone, and so we are always happy when we get to know some shortcuts to get the job done without all of the frustration! Watch the video below and see these 10 simple nail hacks!

Going to the salon every other week to have that perfectly beautiful nail can really make you spend lots of money.

Luckily there are now lots of useful, free and creative ways to get the perfect manicure without making your account-draining!

And if you’re looking for that useful, free and creative ways to get that perfect beautiful nails. Well you better now stop looking and keep scrolling down, because we’re sharing with you 10 simple nail hacks that will surely change your nail game forever!

Take a minute and see these 10 simple nail hacks that will surely change your nail game forever!admin-ajax

Simple Nail Hack #1 – Lightly buff your nails to smooth bumps so that the polish will lay flat.

(Even small dips and dents in your nails can warp the polish and cause cracking. Give them a light buff to even them out.)


Simple Nail Hack #2 – Keep your nails at or below the tips of your fingers.

(That is, if you dare part with those back-scratchers. Longer nails take the brunt of our everyday activities. Shorter nails mean less drama and a longer-lasting mani.)


Simple Nail Hack #3 – Rub nail polish remover on your nails even if they don’t have polish on them.

(Any excess oil on your nails will prevent the polish from sticking can can result in quick chipping. And let’s face it: We’re not about that life.)


Simple Nail Hack #4 – Apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat.

(A thick coat of nail polish will only dry at the top layer, leaving your manicure vulnerable to smudges.)


Simple Nail Hack #5 – if you’re out of nail polish remover and your nails are bare, quickly dip them in a mixture of water and white vinegar.

(You can also just wipe your nails with a vinegar-soaked paper towel to remove any excess oil that can sabotage your mani.)


Simple Nail Hack #6 – Paint two base coat layers: one on the top half of your nail and the second coat over the entire nail.

(This will help keep the polish on the tips of your nails from chipping.)


Simple Nail Hack #7 – If you need a mani to last, avoid matte polish.

(Know that matte polish tends to chip faster than creme versions.)


Simple Nail Hack #8 – After you layer on your polish, don’t wait too long to apply your top coat.

(The top coat works better if it’s applied on wet nail polish because it seeps through the polish, allowing it to blend well with the color.)


Simple Nail Hack #9 – When applying a top coat, run the brush along the top edge (non-cuticle side) of the nail.

(This will seal in the raw edge of the polish to prevent chipping.)


Simple Nail Hack #10 – And you should avoid washing your hands in hot water for at least 12 hours.

(Even though your nails might feel dry to the touch, your polish can take up to 12 hours to fully harden. Heat can interfere with the “curing” process, which will result in smudging and cracking. Just be sure to wash your hands in cold water instead of hot.)


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