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Nail Art Designs: Lo-Fi Lacquer Doesn’t Have To Be Low-Key With These 6 New Ways To Wear Matte Nails!

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Are you looking for a classic manicure style that goes with all occasions? Well then you’re exactly on the right page! Because here you are about to see some awesome new ways to wear matte nails courtesy of our favorite Instagram nail artists. And we must say you can’t go wrong with matte nails! All you need is your base nail polish and a matte topcoat finish! Check this out!

Matte nails are now on trend and have taken over the old shiny, glossy nails.

And most of the ladies now a days loves to show off their matte nail art designs and some just put a top coat of matte nail polish while others offset their matte base with high-gloss or art details.

There are endless options and ways to design your nails with matte nail polish. And despite the fact that matte finish lacks shine, we are telling you this trend can catch everyone’s attention.  So if you haven’t tried matte yet,  go and try it now!

Take a minute and see these awesome 6 ways to 

Metallic Splatter

Design by @ladycrappo

Monochrome Polka Dots

Design by @aliciatnails

Embellished Flowers

For a textured floral nail, this design mixes matte polish, regular polish, and embellishments. Start with a matte base. Let it dry and then paint flower petals in a glossy hue. Finish the nail with crystal accents glued to the center of each flower.

Design by @jessicawashick

Matte + Chrome

If you want a higher contrast, apply chrome nail tape to your tips instead of polish.

Design by @mpnails

Matte Pastel

On the opposite side of the color spectrum is the matte pastel, seen here in a negative nail design.

Design by @palemoonseattle

Matte Neon

Start with a neon orange base and then add an inverted V to each nail. Once dry, set the look with a matte topcoat.

Design by @paintboxnails

Read and see more of these new ways to wear matte nails from , by visiting

All pictures courtesy of

Thank you, and  for sharing these new ways to wear matte nails !

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