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Make Up Tips: Must Try – Best Shades Of Red Lipstick To Try For Your Skin Tone!

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Wearing a Red lipstick is the easiest way to instantly upgrade your look. It gives every ladies look an additional classy, attractive and seductive vibe, if you wear it surely every one will notice. But the trickier part? Knowing the right shade to use to complement your complexion or skin tone. So here we roundup some of the best red lipstick shade to try for your skin tone! These will surely make you look gorgeous in no time! 

Red – The color of passion and love. It’s one of the sexiest color around and when applied on your lips, surely it will make you look beautiful, classic, attractive and seductive! 

Have you ever spotted a red lipstick you loved on someone you know, but when you bought it and tried it on yourself, the effect wasn’t quite right? Well you are not alone, there are tons of ladies out there that doesn’t quite know what’s the right shade of red lipstick to wear.

A bold red lip is such a classic and seductive look each ladies want to try, but some are struggling to find that perfect shade of red lipstick to flatter and match their complexion or skin tone.

That’s why we enlisted some of the best shade of red to compliment every skin tone. Scroll down to find your perfect match!

Take a minute and see these Best Shades Of Red Lipstick To Try For Your Skin Tone!admin-ajax

Fair Skin

True reds with a touch of blue not only make teeth look whiter, but they also complement the cool undertones found in light skin. Just make sure to first cancel out any patchiness around your nose or chin with a swipe of lightweight concealer, since a bold red lip can draw attention to any zits or blemishes.


Medium Skin

Lucky you: The world (of orangey-red lipsticks) is your oyster. For pretty much everyone else, tangerine hues can turn skin sallow, but on warm, olive-toned skin, orange only enhances the bronzy shades in your complexion.


Dark Caramel Skin

Those warm, honey-hued undertones give you freedom to choose just about any lipstick in the cherry or brick family. If your skin does that cute thing where it turns into an oil slick by noon, opt for a matte formula on your lips to contrast with your T zone.

best-shades-of-red-lipstick-3Ridiculously Pale Skin

If your skin is near-translucent (hey, be proud; seeing a map of your veins is cool!) or just really, really pale, look for a rich merlot red with purple undertones to help bring some vibrancy to your complexion.


Deep Skin

Raise your hand if you’ve ever layered on a vibrant red lipstick, only to find that it’s completely sheer and blah next to your deep skin. Frustrating, right? The solution: Go bright—think highly pigmented orange-reds without any hint of white or pastel, which will look milky against your lips—or go bold with an opaque, brown-based lipstick in shades of cinnamon and oxblood.


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