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Make Up Tips: How to Get Perfect Brows Everyday Without All The Struggles

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Having a perfectly shaped brows can seriously change your entire look. But let’s admit it, sometimes how we do our brows is one of those very simple tasks that all of us tend to do pretty wrong! Full and soft or strong and perfectly structured, here is the perfect easy step-by-step how-to to get those perfect brows and get your game on fleek everyday! 

Having a perfect eyebrows is indeed a beauty must have for each and every girls out there.

Perfect eyebrows are not just there to make you look good, but they can actually help you define the shape of your face and make you look amazingly beautiful.

For you to get those gorgeous perfect eyebrows without all the struggles, this step by step guide will surely amazingly help you. This can also help you to fully enhance your brows natural shape!

Take a minute and see how to get perfect brows everyday without all the struggles!admin-ajax

Step 1 – First, discover what product works for you: Pencils and powders tend to give a more natural finish, while pomade yields a bolder brow. After a soft but defined look, something that’s practical for every day. Essentially, you want to enhance your natural shape. Here’s how you discover what that shape is:

  • Starting directly up from the corner of your nose, the width of your brows should be the distance from that corner to the outer edge of your eye.
  • As for your arch, that should be in line with the outer edge of your iris.
  • Once you’ve figured out your shape and what kind of look you are going for, brush brows up and out with a spoolie (an eyebrow-grooming tool that looks like a mascara wand), making sure all hairs are going in the same direction.


Step 2 – The secret to flawless brows.

  • Using a brow pencil, lightly line the lower and upper arches.
  • For a bolder look, grab an angled brush, your favorite pomade, and build gradually.


Step 3 – To create filler that resembles natural brow hairs.

  • Gently fill in sparse areas using short strokes.


Step 4 – To make brows appear fuller.

  • Apply clear eyebrow gel to hold your brows in place, brushing hairs out while smoothing the product in.
  • Fill in sparse areas to make brows appear fuller.


Note: Following your brows’ natural shape (steps above!) is key when tweezing, plucking, or threading. Without the proper shape, brows won’t look amazing even if you are filling them in correctly.

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