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Make Up Tips: 18 Makeup Mistakes You Are Probably Making

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Let admit it, we all have experienced our fair share of makeup mistakes. From applying too much foundation, to not exactly being able to choose the right shade of foundation. Luckily, for every problem, there is a solution! And that’s we’re these makeup tips come to your rescue! 

While we’re clearly obsessed with learning everything about beauty, we are also the first to admit that tons of information can sometimes be so intimidating and some important tips might also lead us to doing thing wrong.

Are you using the right primer or foundation? Are you using your bronzer correctly? Are you applying the right tone of blush on your cheeks? Right lipstick on you lips? What about your eyeliner and concealer, are you applying them right?

It’s so easy to make some big makeup mistakes without even realizing it. Well, these should stop now! Once you see which mistakes you’ve been making, you’ll swear to never do them again!

Take a minute and and see 18 Makeup Mistakes You Are Probably Making!admin-ajax

Wearing the Wrong Shade Of Foundation

We all do it one point or another. According to makeup artist and founder of her eponymous line, Ellis Faas, it’s an easy fix: “Just choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light and look in a mirror.” Use your own judgment to see which one looks most natural.

Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Blush

Blushes should complement your natural blush tone, says Osmosis Color Cosmetics makeup artist Alejandro Falcon. “If you are wearing a bolder lip, pair that with a subtler shade of blush.”

Applying Too Much Bronzer

Mari Shten, a makeup artist who has worked with Mariah Carey and Christy Turlington, nominates the over-liberal application of bronzer as one of the biggest makeup blunders. “Applying all over the face instead of just the forehead, temples and nose” is a big no-no, she says. She also warns us not forget to apply to the neck.

Applying Makeup To Dry Skin

This is a huge no-no, says Barbara Guillaume, a makeup artist who has worked on celebs like Colin Farrell and Kellan Lutz. “You should be exfoliating once a week because applying foundation onto dry skin will accentuate flakiness, and it will sit on the top of your face instead of blending in.” Heed her advice by exfoliating weekly, then applying a rich moisturizer after.

Forgetting To Prime

“Taking the necessary steps to prime the skin for [makeup] application is one of the biggest opportunities you have to impact your application,” says makeup artist and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics founder David Klasfeld. After moisturizing and before foundation application, apply a Skin Primer to create a smoother, more hydrated surface that’ll hold your makeup in place for longer.

Applying Too Much Powder

“Over powdering throughout the day can make your face appear heavy and cakey,” says Stapleton. “The best way to avoid over powdering is to use blot film papers throughout the day to absorb oil.”

Shading Your Brows Too Dark

“Go a shade lighter or use a less intense touch to fill out your brows,” says Wood. “Using a brow pencil that’s as dark as your natural brow will make it look too heavy or intense.”

Not Matching Your Eye Shape To Liner Style

The shape and placement of your eyeliner is just as important as the color, says makeup artist and annual director of The Makeup Show, James Vincent. “If your eyes are closer set, the thickest, boldest part of the liner should be at the outer corner to widen them,” he says. “Whereas for eyes that are spaced further apart, the thickest part of your eyeliner should be concentrated at the inner corner.” Try an eyeliner that lets you control how thick or thin you can paint on your liner angle.

Over-Exaggerating Your Eyebrows

Yep, bold brows are in, but only if they suit you. “Women with thin eyebrows try to create a fuller brow with a pencil that’s much darker, and this can look very harsh,” says Henry. “If you are a brunette, try a shade lighter than your natural color, and for blondes and redheads, go a shade darker.” She says to brush hairs up with a clear brow gel and then fill in the blanks.

Getting Your Concealer Shade Wrong

A common mistake is using an under-eye concealer that’s two or three shades lighter than your foundation,” says MAC senior makeup artist John Stapleton. “It doesn’t do anything to diminish darkness and only brings attention to the area.” He notes that when trying to hide dark circles, you need a color corrector, usually in a peach tone that’ll counteract dark blue and purple under eye tones. Unsurprisingly, Stapleton recommends MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast (for light to medium skin tones) or Peach Luster (for darker skin tones)

Applying Too Much Mascara

Hello, clumped-up lashes. To avoid this, Monson suggests taking the time to separate your lashes. “First apply by holding the wand horizontally at the base of the lash and wiggle out with your first coat,” he says. “Then hold the wand vertically for thee second coat to build up length, curl and separation.”

Wearing Too Much Makeup

Let your skin show, says makeup artist and founder of men’s grooming brand EvolutionMan, Marco Berardini. “Unless you have severe acne, foundation should only be used to correct minor redness and imperfections. Being heavy handed will actually make you look old.” He says to only apply a light coat of foundation and then use concealer to target specific problem areas.

Getting Your Contouring All Wrong

We gave you a guide to contouring, but many of us still can’t get it right. “Most don’t blend their shades enough or get the placement wrong, “ says film, TV, and theater makeup artist Sarah Fab. “Instead, use two shades of your foundation for the most natural look — your usual foundation and one shade darker.”

Not Blending Your Face to Your Neck

Aside from using the wrong shade of foundation for your face, editorial hair and makeup artist Kerrie Urban thinks that seeing the line of foundation at your jawline is one of makeup’s biggest sins. “Always blend down so your face is the same shade as your body. If it’s not, you are using the wrong color.” If this is a habitual problem for you, she suggests using a tinted moisturizer — try Laura Mercier — that is easier to blend and avoids a caked on look.

Over-applying Lip Gloss

It’s not 2004, guys. Vincent says that lip gloss should only be applying in the center of your lip for maximum impact and shine, while maintaining the perfect pouty shape. “Applying lip gloss across all of your lips does not provide shape, it just makes the lips look overdone.” Try a blue-based lip gloss — like Ardency Inn Modster Lip Vinyl in Club Remix — that’ll brighten your complexion and give the appearance of whiter teeth.

Curling Your Lashes Last

“Curlers work best usually on clean lashes so there’s no chance of ripping any out, “ says Wood. “Then apply mascara and wait for it to dry. You can go in and re-curl after (carefully!), but if the mascara is still wet or tacky all you can expect are stuck together, sticky lashes.” Never a good look.

Applying Matte Lipstick on Dry Lips

We all know how that’s going to end… “Exfoliate your lips every day to remove dead skin and follow up with a lip balm for hydration,” Monson says. “Matte lipsticks are really on-trend but your lips need to be in the proper nourished condition to wear them.”

Testing Makeup Shades On The Wrong Areas

It’s common to use the back of your hand to color-match a new foundation or lipstick, but Wood says this is the wrong way to go. “Your hands can have more redness than your face.” she says. “Apply foundation on your jawline, and for lip colors, ask for the counter sample to be disinfected with alcohol and then apply with a lip brush to sample.”

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