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Hair Styling Tips: Take Your Ponytail To The Next Level With These 15 Ways To Make Your Ponytail Look Totally Chic!

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Do you like pulling your hair into a high ponytail when you need it out of your way or you’re headed somewhere? Are you already bored of doing that same basic hairstyle everyday? Oh well this seemingly basic hairstyle can easily undergo a chic upgrade with just a little effort from you! Good news!  of came up with 15 ways to make your ponytail look totally chic in no time! Don’t believe us? Give them a try! Check this out and take your ponytail game to the next level!

Lets admit it, for many of us ponytail is a default hairstyle. It’s our go-to ‘do when our hair is not cooperating or we just don’t have the time or the energy to try anything complicated and add extra effort on our hairstyle.

Ponytail  is indeed a all time favorite on the go hairstyle for each and every ladies out there! But that doesn’t mean it can’t get a little fancy. Add in some twists, braids, hair accessories or multiple textures and we assure you by just adding a little extra effort you’ve taken things to a whole new level!

These aren’t “I too lazy” ponies, these are #hairgoals. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to add some chic on your everyday ponie hairstyles, scroll through the gallery  below and see some easy creative ponytail hairstyle inspiration.

Take a minute and see these 15 ways to make your ponytail look totally chic!


Cornrow Pony

Grab a friend who can cornrow (its easier than it looks, watch THIS tutorial) and try a little cornrow into a pony. Want something super bold? Cornrow your entire head!

Chain Knot Pony

For hair that legit looks like ⛓. How cool is this chain knot pony? Use a method of twists and knots to achieve a similar look.

beyoncé braids ⛓ #JustineMarjanGiveaway

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Super High Pony

Cant go wrong with a classic, super high pony with a pretty hair wrap concealing the hair tie. This look works best on girls with super long locks.

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French Pony

For an effortlessly boho style, try a loose, single French braid into a pony.

Textured Low Pony

The textured low pony is the perfect post-beach hairstyle when you have those natural beauty waves that look great but feel a bit tangly.


Add instant (and easy!) intrigue to your pony by wrapping it, creating uneven sections.

Short and Sleek

Short-haired girls can get in on the summer pony fun, too! Try this minimal and sleek low pony.

Read and see more ways to make your ponytail look totally chic by visiting:

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Thank you, for sharing this awesome hairstyles!

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