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Hair Styling Tips: Must Try – Half-Up Pull-Through Bohemian-Chic Braid Hairstyle!

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The right hairstyle is like the crown jewel of every outfit you will choose. Without one, your entire look will somehow feels incomplete, and so we’ve search online to back you up and help you. This gorgeous half-up pull-through bohemian-chic braid hairstyle will surely help you feel your best! Keep your hairstyle effortlessly stylish with this gorgeous half-up pull-through bohemian-chic braid hairstyle!

If you haven’t been under a rock, you’ll surely know that a half-up half-down hairstyle is possibly the most efficient way to get a gorgeous look in an instant.

Though styling our hair can be a little intimidating most especially for beginners, we all must know that creating gorgeous pretty ‘dos doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the problem is not the hair styling part all by yourselves, it’s the part where you are overthinking about it.

As the say “there is a beauty in simplicity” and with just a few basic steps, you can create a look that is on-trend, easy and chic!

Take a minute and see how you can create this gorgeous half-up pull-through bohemian-chic braid hairstyle!

1. Take some hair from the front and secure it in a small ponytail in a half-updo. Clip it away temporarily.

2. Take some more hair and secure a second small ponytail with an elastic underneath the first one.

3. Take off the clip and divide the first little ponytail in two parts.

4. Take the two parts on one side each of the second ponytail. Clip away the second ponytail.

5. Grab some hair from both sides.

6. Join it together with the two strands from the first ponytail and secure a new little ponytail. This is how you create a pull through braid.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 one more time.

8. Now make one more, but this time when you have done steps 3 and 4 don’t add new hair, just secure the two strands together with a small elastic and release the little ponytail from the clip.

9. Pull on the outer edges to create volume.

10. Make some beachy waves for a casual, pretty look. Take a smaller-sized curling wand, then take bigger strands of hair and curl, this creates those loose waves.

Now you have a pretty pull-through braid with some loose, beachy waves!

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Thank you, and Ulrika Edler for sharing this awesome tips!

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