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Beauty Tips: 6 Proven Ways To Fight And Prevent Chapped Lips!

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Let’s admit it we’re all dying to try some of the new stunning lip colors on the market, but unfortunately this is also the time to deal with one of our undying beauty complaints and one of them is having a “Chapped Lips”! Because hey, even the fanciest lipstick looks patchy and sad when worn on a dry lips; plus, chappy lips, right? That’s freaking painful! But dont you worry we got your back! Here are a few tips to ensure your lips stay kissable and smooth all season long! Scroll down and check this out!

The most sensitive part of the body, which always has a threat of getting chapped and dried, is lips.

So what actually causes chapped lips?  Well, it turns out there are thousands of factors sabotaging your kissable lips!

Having a cracked pout is downright uncomfortable, so we rounded up a few tips to keep your pout kissably soft all season long. It’s time to say bye-bye to dry, cracked lips right about now.

Take a minute and 6 Proven Ways To Fight And Prevent Chapped Lips!

1. Exfoliate + Moisturize + Repeat

You’ve probably heard that exfoliators are good to use once your lips get chapped. However, YouTube beauty guru Jackie Flowers recommends using a scrub regularly to make sure there’s no dried skin buildup at all. Plus, using a lip balm afterward will help ensure your lips stay soft long after exfoliation, and we’re totally down for that.

2. Keep Up With Vitamin B

Sometimes chapped lips come with more than just a lack in H2O. Chapped lips can come from a lack of Vitamin B, too.

Your lips are super sensitive and rely on vitamins to keep them healthy. Maintaining a balanced diet of eggs, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, and lean meats will help provide some of those B vitamins you need.

3. Avoid Matte And Liquid Lipsticks

Of course, this might not be for everyone. (We love our Kylie lip kits, too!) But if your lips are prone to chapping, sticking to creamy lipsticks will help make sure your lips look and feel good all day.

However, whether you decide to put your liquid lipsticks aside or not, always prep your lips with a lip balm base, and, as YouTube guru Irishcel507 recommends, a lip primer, to make sure your lips stay as moisturized as possible.

4. Use Protection For Prevention

That’s right: Keeping your lips hidden from brutal cold winds will help ensure that cracking does not ensue. Wear a layer of lip balm at all times to provide protection right at the base, and wear a scarf over your mouth to provide even more cover-up and, in turn, ensure that your lips stay healthy all season long.

5. Apply Lip Balm Before Showering

Betcha never thought of this one. However, as YouTuber Nicole Quinn explains, the shower and steam combo is the perfect time for the moisturizer to settle into your lips. Plus, once you get out of the shower, any dry skin will be softened up, which means you can gently buff it away to prevent further dryness and cracking. (She also recommends using the deeply moisturizing Lucas Pawpaw Ointment before bed to fight away dryness!)

6. Stay Hydrated!

This may seem obvious, but making sure you stay hydrated will help keep your body and your skin healthy, and that includes those chapped lips. Sipping from a water bottle all day will ensure that you keep your lips as happy as the season makes you feel.

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