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Beauty Hacks: 8 Reasons Why You Should Add a Toothbrush On To Your Makeup Bag!

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Do you have a spare toothbrush? If yes, well then instead of letting them collect dust underneath your sink or inside your cabinet, you can put your toothbrush to good use! Here are the 8 reasons why you should add a toothbrush on to your makeup bag! Toothbrush indeed could be the best beauty tool you could ever have! 

As well all know toothbrush are commonly use to brush our teeth. But now toothbrush has became one of the absolute favorite beauty tool every women could ever have!

We know, it sounds a little too weird, but this humble hygienic thing is actually a popular must-have for many professional makeup artists!

Are you now intrigued? Well, you’ll surely wont believe what your toothbrush can do! Here are some of the reasons why having a spare toothbrush in your beauty bag can improve your overall routine!

Take a minute and see the 8 reasons why you should add a toothbrush on to your makeup bag! admin-ajax

1. Tame Flyaways: We love a sleek hairstyle, but when those pesky flyaways get in the way of perfection, that’s when the toothbrush comes out. Give your spare brush a spritz of hairspray and lightly comb over loose hairs to keep them in place.

2. Shape Unruly Brows: No spoolie? No problem. For days when you wake up with wild brows, tame and train them to stay put by giving them a quick swipe with a toothbrush and your fave setting gel.

3. Teasing Roots:
For a pumped up pony or just some extra volume up top, backcomb the base of your ponytail or tease hair at the crown using a toothbrush. For added oomph, use a brush in combo with texturizing powder!

4. Brushing Bangs:
Waking up to messy bangs is no uncommon experience! Any gal who has sported these chic fringes understands the challenges of keeping them in place. And constantly fixing them with your fingers will result in greasy bangs! Instead, lightly spritz a toothbrush with anti-humidity hairspray and give your bangs a once-over with the brush. Then toss it in your purse for quick fixes throughout the day!

5. Beauty Cleaning Tool:
What better way to clean your beauty supplies than with a toothbrush? It can scrub all the hard to reach places like nail clippers, hairbrushes and even the lint caught in your blowdryer.

6. De-Clump Lashes:
Two words — mascara overload! We’ve ALL been guilty of this. But, when there’s no time to fix your makeup mishap, use a toothbrush to remove clumps and separate lashes.

7. Nail Prep:
At-home manis are a must. But for best (and squeaky clean!) results, use a toothbrush to scrub away dirt before coating them with nail polish. And if your cuticles need some love too, apply a softening product and give your fingers a gentle brush.

8. Exfoliate Lips:
You exfoliate just about every part of your body, but do you forget your lips? Colored lipstick is not all that forgiving if your pout isn’t in tiptop shape. Apply some of your favorite lip scrub on a toothbrush and give your lips a good buffing to remove dead skin and flakes for a baby soft pout that stands out!

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